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The Iliad, Books 1-12, Lattimore (2011) TranslationIliad
Books 1-7, Lattimore (2011) Translation

It is a tradition for the incoming class to read sections of the Iliad over the summer to be discussed in their first weeks on campus. Books are presented during the Academic Assembly in the fall but can be accessed electronically now. Incoming Columbia College students who wish to begin reading may access an electronic version of the Iliad of Homer: books 1-7.

Once on this page, students should complete the steps the following:

  • Log in to Course Reserves with UNI & password
  • Scroll down to Author: Lattimore; Title: Iliad of Homer: books 1-7 
  • Click the link for  E-Reserves next to the title
  • Read and accept the copyright statement
  • If needed, contact Anice Mills with questions on accessing the or using this and other library resources

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