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Summer RA Application

Summer Resident Adviser

The Summer Resident Adviser is a part time staff member in the Office of Residential Programs. Working under the supervision of the Summer Graduate Hall Directors, the Summer RA is responsible for the following:

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Position begins May 19, 2012 and ends August 11, 2012
  2. Complete assigned paperwork and administrative tasks assigned by your Graduate Hall Director. 
  3. Meet the requests from our university partners, including, but not limited to Housing, Public Safety, etc. as per your Graduate Hall Director/Director of Residential Programs;
  4. Document damage or vandalism immediately on an Incident Report.

Duty Responsibilities

  1. Duty provides an opportunity for RAs to be creative in connecting to residents and maintaining a visible presence in their area;
  2. Participate in a rotating, on-call duty schedule, determined by area needs: 
  3. Make rounds of the building/area (as established by your supervisor), making sure to address any security and/or behavioral concerns.
  4. Complete thorough incident reports;
  5. Follow all other duty procedures as outlined by the Office of Residential Programs and your supervisor.

Personal/Paraprofessional Development & Departmental Responsibilities

  1. Attend all meetings and May training on time;
  2. Balance time commitments;
  3. Recognize limitations and work to improve;
  4. Be receptive to paraprofessional and personal development;
  5. It is expected that the RA position be the first consideration after your academics.  Any positions or significant time commitments outside of the RA position must be discussed with and approved by your supervisor BEFORE you commit to the outside activity.  Your supervisor may limit time available for any outside commitment;
  6. Challenge yourself to achieve higher levels of awareness of people’s perceptions, maintaining appropriate sensitivity and awareness of cultural norms, diversity, and diversity education.

Important Dates

  1. Check-in and Check-out Days: Sunday May 20, Friday June 29, Sunday July 1, Friday August 10
  2. All Summer Staff Training: Monday, May 21, 2012


  1. Free room within one of the summer undergraduate residence halls;

Application: Please fill out fields below and upload word document with short answer questions.  Candidates must submit both application by midnight Friday Feb 10, 2012.  Interviews will be conducted by Director and GHDs between February 14 and 29.

Include your position title and area/building as well as the name of your direct supervisor for each year or summer session during which you served as an RP staff member.
1. Why do you wish to become a Summer RA at Columbia this summer? 2. What special characteristics do you possess that make you a good RA? 3. Please describe an experience in which you had to deal with a difficult situation and how you handled it.
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