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Space Use Policy

The Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life is the home of Columbia/Barnard Hillel which is the largest student group on campus. The primary purpose of the Kraft Center is to provide a setting for Jewish student activity. When possible, the Kraft Center and Hillel also seek to provide a welcoming environment for campus community events provided such events will not impede the ongoing program of Columbia/Barnard Hillel.  

Consequently, it is possible for all recognized student groups to request use of space in the Kraft Center. However, groups are encouraged to look for space in Lerner and Earl Hall, before requesting space at the Kraft Center. Such group requests will be considered only if another appropriate building is unavailable.

Room Request Process

On the Sabbath and Jewish holidays (which both begin at sundown the evening before), space requests will be limited to Columbia/Barnard Hillel groups.  

The building will not be used for academic classes but for extra- and co-curricular activities.  The building and terrace are non-smoking areas.

Multipurpose rooms that can be requested include:

  • Room 400 – holds up to 35 students, flexible seating, and tables
  • Room 403 – holds up to 15 students, carpeted, flexible seating, and tables
  • Room 404 – holds up to 22 students and fixed table
  • 5th floor auditorium – holds up to 150 students (lecture style), carpeted, flexible seating, and movie screen available  
  • Rennert Hall – holds up to 325 students (lecture style) wooden dance floor, baby grand piano, and      flexible seating   
  • 3rd floor terrace - holds up to 75 students and can be booked only for events that end by 8:30pm  

Calendaring Process

  1. The Kraft Center does not have a pre-calendaring process for non-Columbia/Barnard Hillel groups.
  2. Anyone wishing to use a Kraft Center room needs to first have their adviser contact Hillel’s Program Director, Carrie Fischbein to notify her of the request. The student should then visit the Kraft Center web site to submit their requests.
  3. During the semester, we plan to give requestors an answer within 3 business days. E-mail confirmations will be sent to the requestor.  
  4. Events will be booked on a first come, first served basis, consistent with the overall calendaring approach.
  5. A confirmation guarantees that the event will be held in the Kraft Center. However, specific room assignments may be changed depending on Columbia/ Barnard Hillel needs. Every effort will be made to minimize such changes.  
  6. All bookable rooms are multipurpose and food can be served in any of them (provided clean up policies are upheld). For additional information including food and cleanup policies please contact Carrie Fischbein, Hillel’s Program Director.


Recognized student groups will not be charged a room usage fee provided there is no cost to the Kraft Center above normal operations. However, if a group needs equipment not owned by the Kraft Center or needs additional maintenance, a/v or security staff, that group will be charged the exact cost incurred by the Kraft Center.  


  1. Maintenance staff can potentially set up rooms in the late afternoon for evening events. Accordingly, the first group to use a room on any weeknight evening will have the room set up. Subsequent groups may have to reset the room themselves depending on the usage.
  2. Groups must submit their specific set up requests at least 3 working days before the event to be eligible to have the room set up for them.
  3. Groups are responsible for basic clean up in the room after the event is complete. This means returning the room to its normal manner (i.e. if any furniture was moved) and bagging and tying all garbage. The sealed garbage bags may be left in the room if that room will not be used later that night. All leftover food must be removed from the room and properly stored. Any books and materials used must also be returned to their normal storage places.

Any group that does not properly clean up the room will be charged a minimum fee of $25.00.  


Any decisions called for by the above policies will be made by Columbia/Barnard Hillel and Kraft Center staff. If these decisions prove to be extensive, controversial, or involve significant charges, appropriate student leaders will be consulted. As mentioned, the policy for other religious groups and individuals coming in with programs will depend on the availability and the appropriateness of the event with the Kraft Center facility.

For additional information or to learn more about Columbia/Barnard Hillel, please visit the Columbia/Barnard Hillel Web site.


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