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Programming for Student Club Leaders

Club Recharge

Club Recharge takes place at the beginning of each academic year and is an opportunity for your organization to gather all information necessary to ensure a successful and productive year. 

During Club Recharge we provide you with information about event management, understanding the roles of your group advisers and ABC/SGB/IGB representatives. Information about fiscal management and the governing boards' policies and procedures is also provided.  

It is recommended that presidents and treasurers of all ABC, IGB and SGB recognized student organizations attend or that at least one executive board member of each organization be present at Club Recharge. These board members will be provided with valuable information regarding the management of your organization’s budget, achieving organizational goals, and avoiding complications.  Club Recharge is open to all students involved in ABC, IGB and SGB recognized organizations.

Club E-Finance (formerly known as Treasurer’s Training)

Club E-Finance is a workshop series designed to promote fiscal responsibility and management among the student organizations and their leaders. Community Development requires all group treasurers to undergo financial and treasurer’s training.

This training includes:

  • A general overview of Columbia University policies and procedures 
  • A knowledge assessment combined with a series of concentrated workshops focused on topics relevant to student group activity
  • Broad exposure to the financial process, effective budgeting and account management practices, and methods for properly completing paperwork and forms

More information about this year's training will be coming soon!

Student Retreats and Workshops

In addition to the programs listed above, Community Development offers the following student leadership retreats and workshops:  

  • Student Council and Governing Board Retreat
  • Students of Color Leadership Retreat
  • New Student Orientation Committee Retreat
  • Intercultural House Retreat
  • LGBTQ Leadership Retreat
  • United Students of Color Council Retreat

Diversity Workshop

Community Development staff are available to help you plan, implement and facilitate a retreat for your club or organization. Retreats are beneficial to the development and success of your club. Common reasons for requesting a special retreat are the need to re-build the club’s mission, philosophy, constitution, and focus, and to address and resolve extensive internal challenges or conflicts. Contact your adviser for more information.

Group Leadership Workshops

The Office of Student Engagement is offering sessions for club officers and members to learn strategies to improve their organizations. These sessions are  interactive, fun, free of charge, and open to all student group members. Currently, the following sessions are scheduled. Please see below for more information, and for registration links.

  • Strengthening Club Culture: The idea of organizational culture - the systems, motivations, and values that define an organization - is one that concerns leaders in all types of groups, from college clubs to corporate enterprises. The focus of this workshop is on learning how to define, articulate, and strengthen your own club's culture. The session will take place from 5-6pm on February 10 in Lerner 401. Please complete this online Registration Form to RSVP!
  • Tackling Uncomfortable Conversations: Communication can be difficult, especially when the topic is awkward. How do you approach conversations related to interpersonal conflicts or unmet expectations? This workshop is designed to give students an opportunity to share strategies, learn from one another, and review a few common scenarios in a safe space. This session will take place from 5-6pm on March 11 in Lerner 403. Please complete this online Registration Form to RSVP!
  • Times of Transition - Succession Planning: Nearing the end of the semester, groups sometimes wonder how to transfer their success from one academic year to the next. In this workshop, we will discuss topics such as making a strong succession plan, keeping institutional memory, and preparing your group's new leadership for a fresh semester. This session will take place from 5-6pm on March 31 in Lerner 401. Please complete this online Registration Form to RSVP!
  • Looking Ahead - Strategic Planning: Looking to hit the ground running in the coming semester? This workshop gives students an opportunity to reflect upon their goals for the Fall, and set up a plan of action to ensure that they are met. We will also cover topics related to communication and setting expectations for the summer. This session will take place from 5-6pm on April 22 in Lerner 403. Please complete this online Registration Form to RSVP!

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