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Allocation is funding provided to your group by your governing board.  It is generally given in a lump sum for the year.  Groups will put together an allocation request (the format of which will differ depending on the governing board) usually at the end of the prior academic year to request funds for the upcoming year.

Since governing boards provide groups with these allocations, they have the ability to set the terms by which these funds may be used.

Please remember that ABC Groups are required to submit an Event Approval Form (EAF) for each event.  An EAF covers the entire event and so can be used to gain approval to spend money at a variety of different places and for a variety of different reasons.  The EAF is an online form which can be found at the ABC Web site once you log in with your group info.

Please refer to SGB Funding Guidelines for additional information regarding SGB funding.

Please refer to the IGB Group Resources for additional information regarding IGB funding.

Note: Based on the nature of the University, a student organization cannot use its allocation to actively engage in lobbying for legislation pending in any governmental body and/or be actively be involved in the campaign of any person running for public office.  For more details, please review the University's Policy on Partisan Political Activity.

If you have a question concerning partisan activities, please contact your Student Affairs adviser.

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