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Contracting Performers

Contracting Performers

Oral Agreements

When contacting any performers or their representative, do not make any oral agreements. Instead, express interest and indicate you will contact the necessary parties after consulting with your adviser. Please note, if you make an unauthorized commitment, it will be your personal commitment and Columbia will not bear any responsibility.

Performance Agreement

For events that include a performer, student groups will need to complete a Performace Agreement. Performance agreements can only be used for singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and artists.  Performance agreements can not be used for speakers, trainers, facilitators, consultants, graphic designers, DJs, photographers, videographers, or bartenders.  Please see your advisor for any clarifications on what entertainment this agreement can be utilized for. If a speaker or performer presents you with his or her own version of a contract, bring it to the attention of your student group advisor and/or Student Financial Advising. Additionally, in order for Columbia to provide payment to any entity, they will need a vendor record which Student Financial Advising will help facilitate. 

To ensure timely payments, please submit paperwork at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your event. 

Remember: Students/Groups do not have authority to sign any contracts


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