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Depolarizing Perspectives Funding Application

Depolarizing Perspectives Community Development Dialogue Fund

Columbia University has a proud history of vibrant political, ideological, and social expression and dialogue. Members of our campus community – the university president, faculty and staff and especially our students – take seriously the responsibility to engage actively in regional, national, and global issues. Columbia’s community has the potential to serves as a model for developing and maintaining a culture of open dialogue, free speech, and political and social expression. Respect and civility are critical components in the development of a culture of exchange and discourse.


The Depolarizing Perspectives fund offers an opportunity to reframe how different perspectives on political, social and cultural issues are engaged.  Topics and issues which have the potential to create dichotomous and opposing sides to an argument may also serve as an opportunity for community members to engage within and through their different perspectives.  Columbia is enriched by the varied experiences and views held by its members; depolarizing seemingly divisive issues through dialogue serves to further the richness of Columbia’s community and to deepen learning of all its members, while maintaining the diversity of views that distinguishes Columbia from other campuses.


The fund is available to recognized student groups advised by the offices within Community Development and to Resident and Community Advisers.

Guidelines for use of funds

  • Programming for which the fund will be used must be approved by groups’ advisers and their governing boards (if applicable).
  • Programming must take place on campus during the academic year.
  • Events must be open to the entire campus community, although attendance capacities may be limited for funded programs.
  • Programming should be designed primarily to engage the Columbia community; however, participants from outside the Columbia community may also be invited.
  • The content and format for programming must focus on incorporating multiple perspectives on a political, social, or cultural issue.
  • The planning and implementation of the event must demonstrate that the organizers actively considered how to promote civility and respect.
  • The group must meet with its Community Development adviser before and after the event to discuss the programming idea and the outcome of the event. 
Please include the following in program description: • Purpose of the event • Structure of event (proposed attendance, format for speakers and/or presentations, how event will be advertised, etc.) • How program organizers will work to ensure that dialogue is civil and respectful • Detailed breakdown of program budget and funding proposal

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