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Steps Students Can Take

If you witness or become aware of a discrimination or bias-related incident, you should take the following steps:

  • For immediate assistance and for reporting an incident, please call Columbia Public Safety at 212-854-5555.
  • Students, faculty, and staff may file a report directly to the Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards for any incident involving Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, or School of General Studies undergraduate students.
  • For incidents that occur within residence halls, please also contact a Residential Life staff member to file a report. You may also contact your CSA Advising Dean, Multicultural Affairs, or another campus resource to be of support to you and the situation.
  • Keep all the evidence intact.
  • Stay with the affected person(s) until help arrives.
  • Serve as a complainant or witness in the judicial process, if necessary.
  • If you feel you are able to, work with students and administrators to educate the community following the incident.
  • Seek help and support if you need it.
  • Email for general questions or concern.

A Call to Our Community

While this information is here to provide resources and an administrative protocol when an act of discrimination or hate occurs, the best way to combat hate is to be proactive about campus education, challenge ourselves and each other to be an ally to communities different than our own, and to actively take leadership in shaping and promoting the principles we want to uphold as a collective community. Here are some ways you can help facilitate important dialogue, action, and coalition building to promote a truly safe and inclusive home at Columbia for all of all students:

  • Attend diversity trainings and dialogues. Learn about the multiple identities we all bring to campus, social responsibility to one another, the complex systems/histories in which we operate, and how to be an effective ally to communities different from our own.
  • Become a Residential Advisor and provide support, resources, and programming to fellow students.
  • Get involved with student organizations and connect with other members of the community; take leadership positions that can influence social change on campus.
  • Participate in the Community Principles Initiative that helps guide the community on how we want to live and interact with one another on campus while understanding and embracing the differences among us.

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