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Step Up!

There is no place for gender-based misconduct at Columbia. The University recognizes its responsibility to increase awareness of such misconduct, take steps to prevent its occurrence, support survivors, diligently investigate reports of misconduct, and deal fairly and firmly with offenders.

We want to ensure that our campus environment is safe and welcoming for all members of our community as we begin this academic year. As such, you will soon participate in Step Up!, a campaign to educate our campus to be proactive in helping others. As a community, we have stepped up to identify sexual respect and consent as among the values necessary for the safety and well-being of all individuals on our campus.

To get things started, we have prepared a five-minute video with a challenge: we want to “CU Step Up” to take responsibility for how you conduct yourself in personal relationships and set an example for your peers.

We also want to promote an open dialogue about what consent means and establish community expectations for engaging in all types of relationships. Because consent can be a complex concept, in the video, we introduce a simple tool to help you better understand whether or not consent has been given.

We ask you, our newest Columbians, to Step Up!
Be a leader. Make a difference.

It is required that you view the video and confirm that you have watched it in its entirety before you arrive on campus, or as soon as possible if you have already arrived. Once you are finished, please check the box and submit your confirmation.