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The CUSP Alliance: Program Development Committee (PDC)

The Program Development Committee (PDC) fulfills the role of the pre-2005 Scholars Advisory Council in helping to brainstorm and develop CUSP programming in close collaboration with the CUSP Administration.  Members of this committee enjoy the opportunity to meet with invited guests of the CUSP Speaker Series and work closely with the members of the CUSP Board of Advisors.

The PDC focuses mainly, however, on creating student-driven activities and opportunities focused on the Four Pillars of CUSP.  This committee also works to enhance Scholar Orientation Seminars and Scholar Plenary Sessions.

In 2006, the PDC developed an ongoing series of intergenerational student dialogues called “Scholar Inquiries.”  This forum allows Scholars the opportunity to engage their peers in academic, political, and cultural discussions, hosted by Scholars and moderated by masters’ and doctoral students in the Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Most recently, the “Scholar Inquires” have covered the topics of: “Hollywood and Globalization: Africa in the Movies” and “What Place Does Religion Have in Contemporary Society?”

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