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The CUSP Alliance: History & Archives Committee (HAC)

The History & Archives Committee (HAC) works in conjunction with the CUSP Administration in compiling, organizing, and maintaining documentation (written, pictoral, audio, and visual) pertaining to the history of the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program, including CUSP programs, milestones, publications, and student achievments and accomplishements.  The HAC also makes historical information readily accessible to the Scholars (especially for Logoi kai Erga: The Scholar Journal, the CUSP Alumni Newsletter, and the Scholar Weekly), Columbia faculty and administrators, the media, and affiliated institutions and organizations.


Presently, the HAC is working on completing the first volume of CUSP history which covers the nascent Program during its formal inception in 2001 to its present coming of age.

In 2006, CUSP Administrators, students, and benefactor, John Kluge, were involved in the creation of the Kluge Oral History Project.  This project, organized and facilitated by Mary Marshall Clark (director) and the Columbia University Oral History Office in collaboration with acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Len Morris of Galen Films, was part of the Atlantic Philanthropies Oral History Project.  The HAC hopes to continue this venture with Clark in CUSP’s own oral history project, which will be placed, in part, on the website as streaming video

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