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Summer GHD Application

Summer Graduate Hall Director

The Summer Graduate Hall Director is a part time staff members in the Office of Residential Programs. Working under the supervision of the Director of RP, the Graduate Hall Director is responsible for the following:

Administrative Responsibities

  • The GHD will be required to work all major Check-In and Check-Out days of Summer Housing programs (May 20, June 29, July 1, August 10)
  • The GHDs will be responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of summer RA training on Monday May 21st
  • The GHDs will work up to 10 hours a week in the Office of Residential Programs. This includes 1:1 meetings with RAs, Leadership Team meeting with the Director, and weekly staff meetings.
  • The GHD will document all incidents involving all summer housing residents.
  • The GHD will be responsible for all supervision of the summer RAs and are required to keep track of the duty phone and duty log.
  • The GHD must organize all summer RA office work schedules.
  • The GHD will be easily accessible to all Summer RAs for support and advice.

Emergency Response

The GHD serves in a rotation of the graduate summer staff as an emergency response contact for the campus community.  The AD on Call or Dean on Call will be available for consultation and back up should mroe serious or complex situations arise.


Summer, Spring Interim and Fall Interim Housing.  $1500 in stipend.

Period of employment

The position begins May 18th, 2012.  All Summer GHDs must remain on campus until August 12, 2012. 

Application: Please fill out fields below and upload a 1 page resume, including past employment and leadership positions AND upload application form with short answer questions.   Candidates must submit both a resume and application by midnight Jan 30, 2012.

Please upload your application as a word document or pdf.
Files must be less than 800 bytes.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Include leadership and employment experiences.
Files must be less than 800 bytes.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Please type full name to sign application. By typing your name here you agree that all information provided is accurate.

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