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New York Methodist Hospital SCIP Intern


Category: Summer
Type: Clinical
Location: New York New York
Deadline: Early March


Students will be selected based on academic record, previous volunteer experiences, seriousness of purpose and ability to communicate effectively. In this respect, the written information on the application form and the personal interview will be taken into consideration. We are looking for committed and well-rounded college students in pre-health career and nursing programs who are interested in an intense hospital experience that will enrich both their current education and their professional future. To participate in this program, students are required to commit to 12 hours per week for a minimum of eight to ten consecutive weeks. The program provides placements seven days a week from 8:00 am-8:00 pm. In addition, students will shadow health professionals, attend lectures and complete writing assignments. This is a highly competitive program and limited positions are available. To be considered, begin by filling out the application by following the application link provided on the webpage here:


New York Methodist Hospital: Summer College Intensive Program 

The Department of Educational and Volunteer Resources is committed to providing service and learning opportunities for students throughout the year. Our Summer College Intensive Program (SCIP) offers hands on patient care experience as well as unique educational opportunities.

Our Mission 
We will develop a dynamic team of summer college students who communicate directly with patients, offering support and assistance as needed. Our students support the quality of care patients receive and become an integrated part of the health care team. In addition, this program is designed to augment the education of future health practitioners by exposing them to real world healthcare situations, guiding them to become competent, compassionate healers in the future.

Duration of the Program
The Program begins July 1st and runs for eight to ten consecutive weeks. SCIP Volunteers must commit to giving 12 hours of patient care service per week. Because this is a highly structured and scheduled program, students will not be granted time off during its duration.

SCIP Activities

  • Direct interaction with patients and professional staff, 12 hours per week

  • Shadowing opportunities with physicians and other health care professionals

  • Selected reading assignments with written responses required

  • Attendance at lectures by health practitioners designed specifically for our SCIP group

Practitioners who have shared their expertise with our students in the past include specialists in neurosurgery, pediatrics, cardiology, gerontology, neonatology and dermatology.