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Preprofessional Opportunities

Seneca Park Zoo


Category: Summer
Type: Veterinary
Location: Seneca New York
Deadline: Early January


Dr. Jeff Wyatt

2222 St. Paul Street, Rochester NY 14621


* Two years of undergraduate pre-vet studies must be completed by the start date of the program. * The successful applicant must have at least 100 hours of experience in a traditional companion animal (dog, cat, horse) and/or food animal (cow, pig, sheep) veterinary practice. * At least a 3.0 GPA Please note: Applicants are objectively scored and ranked for this highly, competitive position.


Familiarize an academically qualified, pre-veterinary college student with exotic animal medicine and conservation by:

Completing a retrospective or cross-sectional research project jointly identified between the student and Dr. Wyatt (10 hours per week). Assisting and observing the veterinary staff with implementation of the Zoo's preventive medicine program including clinical rounds, chemical immobilizations, quarantine procedures, necropsies, diagnostic techniques and surgeries (20 hours per week). Rotating through all of the Zoo's animal care areas and learning husbandry practices for and normal behavior of animals including marine mammals, penguins, primates, elephants, carnivores, birds and reptiles (10 hours per week).