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Preprofessional Opportunities

Baylor College of Medicine


Category: Summer
Type: Research
Location: Houston Texas
Deadline: Early February


All applicants must currently be attending a university and returning to the college/university to complete their undergraduate degree. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants who graduate before or during the program will not be eligible. No previous research experience is required except of first-year students (Freshman status in college). Applications from first-year students without previous research experience will not be accepted.


The Summer Medical and Research Training Program is for undergraduate students who are interested in exploring a career in scientific research. We encourage Ph.D.-oriented candidates to apply. Up to 80 students are recruited for the SMART Program from across the nation. The program offers:


  • Nine paid weeks of biomedically related research in a broad range of areas
  • Daily seminars designed for undergraduates
  • Free SMART GRE prep workshops
  • Career development activities
  • Housing at Rice University dorms