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Preprofessional Opportunities

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Category: Summer
Type: Clinical
Location: Cincinnati Ohio
Deadline: Early February


Office of Student Affairs and Admissions
University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0552

(513) 558-7212


US citizens or permanent residents who are disadvantaged (economic, educational, geographic, and socio-cultural) are eligible to apply. Applicants also should have two years of undergraduate course-work.


Summer Pre-Medical Enrichment Program (SPEP) is a program for disadvantaged students which aims to strengthen analytical reasoning, problem-solving skills for learning, and test-taking skills. The program exposes students to medical curriculum, and clinical aspects of medicine. It also provides physician mentors and familiarization with medical school admissions processes. SPEP students will receive a total stipend of $1500, as well as books and materials and reimbursement for travel expenses. On-campus housing is available at a small cost.