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Rutgers University - Biomedical Careers Program


Type: Clinical
Location: Piscataway New Jersey
Deadline: Mid December


Biomedical Careers Program
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Med School
675 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854

(732) 223-2144


The program has been designed specifically for those students belonging to racial or ethnic groups currently underrepresented in medicine and other biomedical careers. Special consideration will also be given to students who come from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds regardless of their race or ethnic background. Because the Biomedical Careers Program is supported by NJ state institutions, priority will be given to students enrolled at Rutgers University, EOF-eligible and students who are legal residents of NJ.


The Biomedical Careers Program is designed for minority and disadvantaged undergraduate students interested in the health care fields and biomedical research. Participants take part in a variety of science enrichment and health care oriented activities. The program has 3 levels.

LEVEL 1 is designed for students who have just begun pre-professional studies and have completed at least one year of college including one semester of introductory biology and one semester of introductory math. It consists of 2 courses: Intro to Microbiology and Intro to Organic Chem., as well as workshops and seminars.

LEVEL 2 is designed for students who have completed at least 2 semesters of general biology plus one semester of college math. The curriculum includes: advanced biology, generally either Intro to Genetics or Intro to Biochemistry, Lab in Genetics or Microbial Physiology and either Intro to Organic Chem or MCAT Science review plus workshops and seminars.

LEVEL 3 is designed for students who are at or near the point of applying to professional school and have completed nearly all pre-professional science requirements. The curriculum includes: Advanced biology, generally either Intro to Immunology or Intro to Neuroscience, either MCAT Science Review or another advanced biology course plus workshops, research and seminars.

This program can be taken for college credit.