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Montana State University - Complex Biological Systems Summer Undergraduate Research


Category: Summer
Type: Research
Location: Bozeman Montana


Undergraduate students who are enrolled at an accredited college or university and will be enrolled in Fall 2008. Previous experience in a research lab is highly recommended. Students must be a U.S. citizen, or have a work-eligible visa.


The Complex Biological Systems Summer Undergraduate Research program is a structured 10-week research experience on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Participating students work in a research lab full-time during the 10 weeks on an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. As an interdisciplinary program, students from all scientific backgrounds are encouraged to apply. In the past, students have done research in labs with faculty from the Departments of Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Veterinary Molecular Biology, Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology, and Microbiology.

Stipend: $4,000