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Preprofessional Opportunities

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - Research Volunteer


Category: Volunteer
Type: Veterinary
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Deadline: Early January


Qualified undergraduate and graduate level students currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Interested students are required to first complete the Zoo Science and Management course offered by the Zoo.


As a research volunteer, you will be involved in collecting behavioral data for active research projects going on in the Zoo. In addition, you will gain valuable experience in data entry, data management and data analysis. There may also be opportunities for you to design your own research project. It is important to note that research volunteers do not directly interact with the animals as animal keepers do. This is important as animals are known to behave differently around people they know, which would undermine the validity of the scientific research. 

Volunteer opportunities are an excellent way for you to learn more about animals and behavioral research techniques, train with zoo scientists, and make valuable connections in the Zoo.