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San Diego Zoo - College Fellowships


Category: Summer
Type: Veterinary
Location: San Diego California
Deadline: Late January



Recent graduates who are not continuing their education in the fall are not eligible for the program. Eligible students interested in pursuing scientific careers relating to the scientific disciplines represented are welcome to apply. Each year, fellowships will be available in each of the seven divisions.


Each summer, the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research is pleased to offer Summer College Student Fellowships in various areas of research. Since 1975, the Institute has made opportunities available to interested and qualified students to gain research experience in the field of zoological conservation research. It is made up of a diverse and dynamic research team, including the divisions of Applied Animal Ecology, Applied Plant Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Education, Genetics, Reproductive Physiology, and Wildlife Disease Laboratories.

Fellowships are for 12 weeks, with two start dates based on semester or quarter programming (usually end of May and end of June). Students need to be officially associated with a university to be eligible for our undergraduate fellowship program. Undergraduates who are currently enrolled in college meet this criterion, as do graduating seniors who are continuing with their education in fall of the same year. 

Applications for fellowships are accepted between December 1 and January 31 of each year for the following summer. All applications must be received no later than January 31. Applications and more information are available online.