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J. Craig Venter Institute - Summer Internship Program


Category: Summer
Type: Research
Location: Rockville Maryland
Deadline: Early March


Additional eligibility requirements include: - Age 16 at least one month prior to the program start date - A “B” average - Full-time enrollment (students) or proof of employment for the upcoming school year (educators) - Strong interest in a science career - Summer internship: Available for 8 – 12 weeks full-time (40-hours/week max) - Semester Internship: Available for 8 – 12 weeks part-time (10-hours/week min.) Some internship positions may entail additional eligibility requirements. Read each position description carefully to determine if it matches your qualification


The JCVI Summer Internship Program is an opportunity designed to mentor and inspire the next generation of great scientists. While occasionally we do have interns other times during the year, our official program runs from May through August, and provides motivated high-school, undergraduate and graduate students with an in-depth, structured research experience that includes:

  • A dedicated mentor
  • Collaboration and networking with world-class scientists
  • Hands-on participation in research projects tailored to their academic experience
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Judged poster presentation

During the course of the summer program, there are numerous workshops designed to help develop scientific and professional skills. These include journal clubs, career development sessions and multi-disciplinary scientific seminars.