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Preprofessional Opportunities

UCLA School of Medicine


Category: Summer
Type: Research
Location: Los Angeles California
Deadline: Early March


Director UCLA PREP UCLA School of Medicine Office of Student Support Services 13-154 Center for the Health Sciences, Box 956990 Los Angeles, CA 90095-6990

(310) 825-3575


Applicants must be from disadvantaged backgrounds and be US citizens/permanent residents. Tier I: 1 year of college chemistry and/or biology, grade of C or better. Overall minimum GPA of 2.5 (max 3.2). Tier II: 1 year of biology, 2 years of chemistry, 1 year of math, 1 semester of physics, all with a grade of C or better. Overall minimum GPA of 2.8 in the sciences but not greater than 3.6.


Summer Premedical Enrichment Program (PREP) consists of 2 tiers. Tier I is designed for sophomores and juniors to enhance science problem solving skills. Tier II is for students preparing for the MCAT or DAT. Both tiers participate in clinical, research preceptorials, self-development workshops, networking, counseling and other resources. There is no tuition for participation. Students who must relocate to participate in the program may be eligible for a stipend.