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Columbia University/Bernard College - Nightline


Category: Columbia
Location: New York New York


Nightline is a listening, support and information service, run by students for students. It is an anonymous, non-judgmental peer counseling service to help get you through the night. Whatever you want to talk about, we will listen and provide support [and help you explore your options].

All nightline counselors remain anonymous. The callers do not know who the counselors are and the counselors do not know the caller, nor do they have the means to find this out. All nightline counselors, excluding the Directors of nightline, who no longer take calls, cannot tell any Columbia student that he/she is a nightline Counselor. The phones used by nightline have no caller id.

No matter what a caller wants to talk about, be it sexual orientation, depression, eating disorders, family, friends, or just stress, nightline is willing to listen and will never judge a caller on what he or she has to say.