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New York University - Patient Advocacy Volunteer in Emergency Research Services


Category: Volunteer
Type: Clinical
Location: New York New York


Elissa Moore, Coordinator of Emergency Medicine Research

Emergency Care Institute, Suite 345A 462 First Avenue New York, NY 10016

(212) 263 - 2858


Patient Advocacy Volunteer in Emergency Research Services (PAVERS)
PAVERS is a research methodology volunteer program in which participants learn about clinical research and medicine through emergency department observation, assistance with research, and a series of lectures. Participants act as volunteers within the emergency department, assisting patients, physicians, and nurses. PAVERS also participate in the research projects being conducted in the Department of Emergency Medicine by collecting data from patients.

Requirements: In order to be considered for the PAVERS program, candidates must submit written applications. After applications are received, some applicants will be granted interviews. Please read all the information and policies before you apply, as PAVERS has become an increasingly competitive program and requires a substantial commitment from volunteers.

Commitment: PAVERS are required to commit to volunteering for a minimum of one academic year. The time commitment is one four-hour daytime shift per week, or one eight-hour overnight shift every two weeks, plus one two-hour monthly meeting. In general, the following blocks of time are available for volunteer shifts seven days per week:

Four hour shifts: 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm
Eight hour shifts: 8pm-12am, 12am-8am

Please consider that all rules and attendance requirements for the program will be strictly enforced.