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Columbia University/Barnard College - Rape Crisis Anti-Violence Support Center


Category: Columbia
Type: Clinical
Location: New York New York


The RC/AVSC provides peer counseling, advocacy and education to the entire University community. They are staffed by graduate and undergraduate women, a professional Program Coordinator, and Advisors from Columbia University and Barnard College. The RC/AVSC offers emotional support, accompaniment, and referrals to survivors and their supporters. It helps survivors of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, relationship violence, childhood abuse, hate crimes, stalking and sexual harassment.

Volunteer Opportunities: There are a number of ways for students to volunteer. All volunteer positions require training which begins approximately one month after each semester begins. The following is a list of positions:

Peer Counselors Advocates: provide phone and in-person peer counseling support information and referrals to survivors and their supporters. Respond to requests for support from survivors of sexual assault, rape, partner abuse or other forms of violence. Provide accompaniment to hospital, health services, police or security.

Peer Educators and Outreach volunteers: organize special events and speakers to campus, and inform members of community about the reality of violence and about the services of the RC/AVSC.