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Academic Associate Program: St. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Department


Category: Columbia
Type: Clinical
Location: New York New York


The Academic Associate program is a clinical research assistant program in the Emergency Department of the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center. Duties include an active role in 7 current ongoing clinical research projects ranging from controlled trials of medication to observational cohort studies to various others. Opportunities for high-level involvement in specific research projects are available to motivated, reliable, interested individuals in addition to baseline commitment. Observation of emergency department procedures, resuscitations, and general care is an integrated part of the experience, and in some cases required for execution of research enrollment. The program is connected to a two-credit course being offered through the Department of Biology, BIOL W3995 - Introduction to clinical research and emergency medicine. The course introduces students to the foundations, goals, and basic interpretation of clinical research, particularly in the emergency setting, and should dovetail with the knowledge acquired working as an Academic Associate.You can find the application on our website.

Volunteer Commitment: We ask for 2 shifts per week from each AA, and also request your attendance at a few evening training sessions each semester.

Volunteer Orientation: ALL NEW VOLUNTEERS must attend an orientation session at the hospital you've been assigned to. If you have one shift at St. Luke's and one shift at Roosevelt Hospital you must attend an orientation session at BOTH SL and RH. Please see the Academic Associates Website for more information.