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The Carter Center Health Internship


Category: Summer
Location: Atlanta Georgia
Deadline: Early March


Laura Castelli

Educational Programs
The Carter Center
One Copenhill
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307 
Fax: (404) 420-5196

(404) 420-5179


Candidates who have completed at least two years of study, recent graduates (graduated within 24 months of the internship start date), and graduate/professional students are eligible. For example, a qualified candidate within the United States will have a minimum of 60 credit hours earned toward a bachelor's degree at the start of the internship. There is no age limit.


Health Programs works to alleviate human suffering by providing technical expertise and support to national programs to build strong systems for the prevention and treatment of diseases.  People living in developing nations die or are disabled because they do not have access to the services they need to treat their illness or avoid infection entirely. Every day our experts show people how they can take steps to transform their own lives.

Some of the targeted diseases include:

  • Guinea worm: Poised to become the next disease after smallpox to be wiped off the face of the earth, eradication efforts are rejuvenating communities throughout Africa, enabling children to return to school and farmers to their fields. The Center spearheads the international campaign, which has reduced cases by more than 99.9 percent since 1986.
  • Trachoma: As part of the effort to control the leading cause of preventable blindness, The Carter Center has supported improved sanitation and hygiene to improve the conditions through which the disease is spread.  In addition, the program helps to distribute antibiotics to prevent blinding trachoma and supports surgery to correct permanent damage caused by infection.
  • River blindness:  Since 1996, more than 140 million treatments in 11 endemic countries in Latin America and Africa have been distributed. The Carter Center is leading the drive to eliminate this debilitating disease by the end of the decade.
  • Schistosomiasis: Building on village-based drug distribution systems now in place in Nigeria to prevent river blindness, the Center is reducing incidences of this parasitic disease and enhancing children's abilities to grow, develop, and learn.
  • Lymphatic filariasis: The same health care delivery infrastructure in Nigeria also is helping to prevent and treat lymphatic filariasis, a disfiguring and shame-ridden disease afflicting the poorest of the poor.
  • Hispaniola Initiative: The Carter Center's Hispaniola Initiative works with ministries of health in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to accelerate the elimination of malaria and lymphatic filariasis from the countries' shared island, Hispaniola, by 2020.


Number of Interns per Semester/Summer: 1


Applicant Preferences:

  • Advanced research, writing, and analytical skills
  • English proficiency
  • Interest in publishing academic research
  • Interest in conducting disease specific research for impact assessment
  • Interest in reviewing/researching appropriate periodicals for publication
  • Advanced knowledge of DropBox, Microsoft Access, and Word
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively and coordinate work schedule independently or as part of a team
  • Real-world experience: previous work/internship experience and/or studying abroad
  • Positive attitude, curiosity, flexibility, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm for the work of The Carter Center
  • French lanuage proficiency desired


Typical Projects:

  • Conducts research of the international health projects
  • Performs writing related to the quantitative and qualitative analysis of health program data based upon impact statement(s)
  • Completes publication research, writing, editing, and reviewing to the point of actual submission