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Premedical Urban Leaders Summer Experience (PULSE)


Category: Summer
Type: Clinical
Location: Camden New Jersey
Deadline: Mid February


General Eligibility Requirements: One year of college (completed by start of program) One semester of biology One semester of chemistry One semester of math One semester of expository writing or college composition GPA of at least 3.0


PULSE is a six week academic enrichment program for college undergraduates interested in healthcare professions. The program provides academic, clinical, research and service learning opportunities with a focus on urban health needs. Developed by Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU), the PULSE program helps students become lifelong learners and empowers them to use their knowledge to make a difference in their communities.

The primary goal of PULSE is to provide exposure to medical professions to groups traditionally under-represented in the field, as well as those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. PULSE is a full-day program that runs five days per week for six weeks and culminates with the PULSE Symposium. At the PULSE Symposium, students formally present posters highlighting their summer work or research projects to faculty, family and friends.

Program Information

Location: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (Camden, NJ)
PULSE Phases: Program is divided into three phases, each targeting students at different stages of their medical education.

**Phase content subject to change; updates will be posted on the website

  • Phase I: Designed for student who have just started pre-professional studies and have completed the general eligibility requirements (listed above)
    Phase I curriculum highlights:
    • Introduction to Microbiology – lecture and team based learning activities
    • MCAT Review
    • Health professions career seminars and workshops
    • Learning skills workshop
    • Service learning or Community service activities

    Click here for a sample Phase I calendar.


  • Phase II: Designed for students who have completed the Phase I requirements (listed above) and organic chemistry
    Phase II curriculum highlights:
    • Introduction to Biochemistry
    • MCAT Review
    • Health professions career seminars and workshops
    • Learning skills workshop
    • Clinical shadowing

    Click here for a sample Phase II calendar.

  • Phase III: Designed for students who are at or near the point of applying to professional school and have completed nearly all pre-professional science requirements
    Phase III curriculum highlights:
    • Introduction to Gross Anatomy
    • MCAT Review
    • Health professions career seminars and workshops
    • Learning skills workshop

    Click here for a sample Phase III calendar.

Academic credit: Not provided.
Daily transportation: Participants are expected to provide own transportation to campus Monday-Friday for duration of the program.
Health Insurance: Not provided. Students must submit proof of health insurance for participation.
Housing: Not provided. Rutgers-Camden offers dormitory style accommodations at a discounted rate to PULSE students. Rutgers-Camden is within walking distance of CMSRU and is easily accessible via public transportation.
Cost: There is no cost to participate in the PULSE program.

How to Apply
We welcome students who have previously participated in Phases I or II of the PULSE program to reapply for admission to a more advanced level. Special consideration will be given to EOF eligible students. However, all applicants are invited to apply.