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Preprofessional Opportunities

Rural Immersion Institute of the North (RIIN)


Category: Summer
Type: Clinical
Location: Anchorage, Alaska Alaska
Deadline: Early February


Gloria Burnett, Director

Fax: (907)786-6573


Undergraduate juniors and seniors, gap year students and professionals returning to graduate school including but not limited to the following areas of study: Medicine Psychiatry Dentistry Pharmacy Chiropractic Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant Psychology Social Work Speech Language Pathology Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Public Health Healthcare Administration


The Alaska Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) is launching a brand new and exciting interdisciplinary opportunity called the Rural Immerserion Institute of the North for pre-health students. 

The Rural Immersion Institute of the North (RIIN) program is designed to expose pre-professional health majors to a rural and/or underserved healthcare experience. The program has been in development over the course of the past 3 years and will launch in June, 2016.

Students will have a one-of-a-kind experience traveling to some of the most remote communities in the United States (Alaska) in order to walk in the shoes of healthcare providers in the Last Frontier. Many students sign up for international experiences where they take part in high risk clinical scenarios in an attempt to enhance their resumes and skillsets. The RIIN program provides these same students with access to a safe yet culturally diverse healthcare landscape without leaving the country.

The AHEC program aims to strengthen the healthcare workforce in rural and underserved communities. RIIN provides students with early exposure to rural practice, providing the perfect backdrop of rural healthcare to entice future practice in the neediest communities in our country.