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Health Career Connection

Health Career Connection (HCC) is the connection between undergraduate students and the information, experiences and support they need to discover and make well-informed choices about healthcare and public health career options. HCC has been created by a group of healthcare executives who are committed to attracting and assisting young people to pursue healthcare careers. HCC is developing an education, leadership and training program with a mission of improving healthcare services by motivating and developing greater numbers of value driven, capable leaders. HCC will:

  1. Address the need for more well-trained health care leaders
  2. Address the under-representation of people of color in the health professions
  3. Foster the development of emerging leaders capable and committed to providing innovative solutions to today’s complex health care challenges

HCC achieves these goals by connecting students to internships, mentors, leadership development, professional networks and web accessible information and contacts on healthcare management careers and educational options.

HCC’s programs and outreach efforts will initially target undergraduate students interested in health care. A priority emphasis will be on students of color.

Health Career Connection's (HCC) goal is to become a comprehensive clearinghouse and provider of information, services and resources to assist people in choosing and pursuing healthcare careers. While we will continuously be adding new information and connections on our website and developing new programs we currently offer the following services:

Paid Internships in healthcare organizations to provide practical experience, exposure and mentoring

Valuable workshops on Career Planning, Graduate School Decision-making and Preparation, Leadership, Networking and Cultural Competence

Outreach to undergraduate students to increase interest and pursuit of healthcare careers.

A diversity initiative to increase the representation of students of color in healthcare leadership and professions

Website information and links on health careers and educational opportunities.

Connections for students to healthcare professional and organizations

HCC Association to develop, inform and connect a community of people pursuing healthcare careers

HCC Alumni Association for former intern connections and contributions

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