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2018 Application for Pre-orientation Programs

During the week prior to the New Student Orientation Program, first-year Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students may apply to participate in one of our three pre-orientation programs:

  • Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program (COÖP - pronounced "coh-op")
  • Columbia Urban Experience (CUE)*
  • International Student Orientation Program (ISOP)

All programs are amazing opportunities to meet other first-year students and share in a common experience.

Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students may apply to any or all of the Columbia pre-orientation programs. *Barnard College students may apply to CUE and can learn more through the Barnard Student Life website

Please know that financial aid opportunities are available for those who qualify for financial aid from their school. 

The application for the pre-orientation programs will be available on this page beginning Monday, April 2, 2018 through Friday, May 18, 2018.


Personal Information
Gender Identity refers to the labels that we use to describe ourselves. Some examples include woman, man, nonbinary, transgender man, cisgender woman, genderqueer, etc.
Pronouns refer to how a person wants to be referred to in the third person. Examples of pronouns include they/them/theirs, he/him/his, she/her/hers, ze/hir/hirs, and others.
You'll find your 10-digit Personal ID number (begins "C00") in your electronic admit letter or the decision response instructions in your admit packet. When entering this information , please provide only the nine digits following the "C."
Your UNI (University Network ID) is the log-in name and password used to access many online services at Barnard/Columbia. It is also the first part of your official Barnard/Columbia email address.
Financial Aid Information
Program Selection

Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program (COÖP): August 21–25

The Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program or COÖP (affectionately pronounced "coh-op") is a four-day outdoor program for first-year students in Columbia College and Columbia Engineering. Students participate in one of three experiences: hiking (HOP) in the Catskill Mountains, biking (BOP) for 153 miles in the tri-state area, and river-canoeing (ROP) on the Delaware River Gap. You can apply to participate in COÖP regardless of past camping, biking, hiking, or canoeing experience. The total cost of the program is $420, and there is financial aid available to cover program fees for those who qualify. Check the COÖP webpage for more information about this unique opportunity to meet other first-years and form close friendships on the trail!

Columbia Urban Experience (CUE): August 19–26

CUE offers newly admitted students from Barnard College, Columbia College, and Columbia Engineering the opportunity to engage in service and social justice throughout the city before classes begin in September. First-year students serve at a New York City non-profit, engage in nightly dinner discussions, and experience the public transportation system with excursions around the city. Participants in CUE form long-lasting friendships and continue to contribute to the program and campus life through graduation. The total cost of the program is $350, and there is financial aid available to cover program fees for those who qualify. For more information, visit the CUE webpage.

International Student Orientation Program (ISOP): August 23–26

The International Student Orientation Program is designed to prepare international students who have limited experience in the U.S. to transition into the U.S. culture, both inside and outside of the classroom, before the week-long New Student Orientation Program begins. ISOP combines informational events, exciting city outings, and tight-knit mentoring. It also gives students the opportunity to fully explore and understand their new home while taking care of basic necessities for a comfortable undergraduate experience. The total cost of the program is $300.00. If you are exploring whether ISOP is the right choice for you, please refer to this document: “Is ISOP right for me?”

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