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Here's what CUEers have to say:

"Overall, my CUE experience went beyond my expectations. It was so meaningful to me during the week and even more meaningful now, on campus. I met some incredible people and really learned SO much in thousands of different areas. I cannot thank you enough-- I don't know what I would have done without CUE!"

"CUE was life-changing. It definitely changed my perspectives on a lot of issues related to both service and life in general as well as personal values and beliefs that I now hold stronger due to my CUE experience."

"Applying to CUE was the absolute best decision I ever made."

"I really loved the discussion groups; both my leader and group members were engaging and brought up points that I would have never thought of. I also really enjoyed having two international students in my group, because it brought up some interesting points that I could not have raised myself….[and] were relevant to the service we were doing throughout the week."

"I loved all of our leaders. They genuinely wanted to be there with us and wanted to show us how to be caring citizens of Columbia and NYC. It was fantastic to have such great role models with us for the entire week."

"CUE definitely opened my eyes to the variety of service opportunities in the city. Even if I don't continue to volunteer at the same site that I worked with during CUE, the experience made me realize that I want to do community service throughout these next 4 years at Columbia."

"CUE was fantastic. I went into the week filled with nervousness, and now I believe it was one of the best summer programs I have ever been a part of. I have a solid community at Columbia, service options in all of [NYC], and could not have had a better time. Thank you CUE!!!!!"

"From the description, I was led to believe that the program consisted of a bunch of young adults genuinely interested in volunteer work; thus, I thought that the week would just be about working at our sites. HOWEVER, the program was so much more! :) We discussed issues about community, tackling challenges like identity and change, and most importantly it helped me to transition VERY easily into Columbia, as I had gained about 60+ new friends."



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