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The CUE Mission

CUE empowers incoming first-years to explore what it means to effectively engage in one's community through direct service in New York City. CUE aims to explore the ethical perspectives of service, obstacles to conducting meaningful work, and forms of thoughtful, sustainable, and responsible service as university students in NYC. Participation in CUE eases first-year students’ transition to college and provides valuable experiences and opportunities to support and inspire CUErs in their leadership and social justice endeavors at Barnard, Columbia, and beyond.

The 2019 CUE Program will run from August 18-24, 2019.

Connect with Your Campus

MEET other first-year students who share common interests and develop bonds that will last far beyond the duration of the week. CUE housing and dining expriences provide an intimate setting in which new students form friendships that last a lifetime. Moreover, CUE fosters a strong sense of mentorship among first-year students and upperclassmen leaders who become friends, confidants, and a strong support network.

Connect with Your Community

VOLUNTEER during the week at one of ten sites, such as Planned Parenthood of NYC, We Act for Environmental Justice, and New York City Coalition Against Hunger, and more. Each site is chosen to familiarize and expose CUErs with the diverse social needs of New York City and its inhabitants. CUErs volunteer alongside five to six other first-years and one leader each day. CUE also emphasizes "service learning" through nightly dinner discussions facilitated by CUE leaders.

ENGAGE in discussions on contemporary issues such as gentrification, the NYC education system, poverty, and privilege. By critically examining these issues on an academic and direct-service level, students can achieve a more nuanced appreciation for the work they do throughout the week and beyond.

Connect with Your City

EXPLORE New York City. Connect with the New York City community on several levels, both through service and by exploring all that NYC has to offer! Working and serving diverse communities through our CUE sites, students connect with the city on a personal level. Additionally, CUErs select one of four amazing social programs and travel throughout the city during free night activities. CUE-ers end the week with a talent show, scavenger hunt, and family brunch. 

Interested in being a CUE Coordinator?

Applicationsfor CUE 2019 Coordinators open in Fall 2018


Interested in being a CUE Leader?

Applicationsfor CUE 2019 Leaders open in Fall 2018


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