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SGB Group Budget Request Submission

Please fill out the SGB Budget Request Workbook (available for download on the previous page) before filling out this web form. See the previous page for instructions and spending guidelines.

Ex: Outgoing Treasurer, Incoming President, etc
Group Information
Enter "none" if you do not have a web site
2014-2015 President
2014-2015 Co-President (if applicable)
2014-2015 Treasurer
Ex: Amy Andrews, SEAS'15, Webmaster, Please enter one person on each line.
2015-2016 President
2015-2016 Co-President (if applicable)
2015-2016 Treasurer
Ex: Amy Andrews, SEAS'15, Webmaster, Please enter one person on each line.
Group Membership Census
Please enter the number of group members from each school
Budget Overview
Fill out the following section using information from your completed SGB Budget Request Workbook.
2015-2016Income (Projected Totals for Each Category, in dollars)
2015-2016 Expenses (Projected Totals for Each Category, in dollars)
2014-2015 Budget Overview
2014-2015 Budget Statement
Please provide us with a brief run-down of your group’s 2014-15 activities and organizational goals. Please include steps your group took to meet the goals outlined in the SGB Sustainability Pledge (if any), available here on the SGB website. We would also like to receive comment on last year’s allocation. PLEASE NOTE: If your group received an increase in your budget allocation in the 2014-15 budget, please give testimonial explaining how you used this increase, what new events/initiatives you took on, what old events/initiatives you were able to expand, etc. If you have pictures, please send them! This information will help us greatly when we are requesting increased funds for our groups, and shows us that your group especially really does make the best possible use of its funds.
A simple list would suffice, including both events that have already happened and events that will happen later this semester. An approximate dollar-amount spent on each event will help us more accurately assess your needs this year.
Files must be less than 60 MB.
Allowed file types: xls xlsx zip.
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