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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback related to your experience with the Kenneth Cole Community Engagement Program.  As we work to assess participants' individual experiences and various aspects of the program, your participation in this survey is very helpful. 


Knowledge and Understanding
Not at allA littleSomewhatA good dealA great deal
Familiarity with a number of organizations, networks, and systems working to address one or more social issues. *
The complexity, interconnectedness and root causes of social issues. *
In-depth knowledge of one or more social issues. *
Not at allA littleSomewhatA good dealA great deal
Consider multiple perspectives before making a decision. *
Think critically when solving problems. *
Consider multiple sources of information and multiple perspectives when trying to understand an issue. *
Reach agreement within a group on how to address important issues. *
Effectively facilitate discussions about important issues. *
Discuss controversial social issues with civility, respect, and effective listening. *
Serve the community in an ethical and effective manner. *
Take initiative in solving problems. *
Not at allA littleSomewhatA good dealA great deal
I am aware of my own biases and prejudices. *
My experiences have helped me develop my ability to respond to others with empathy, regardless of their backgrounds. *
I have thought about my own identity (my culture, family history, and social background) and how it fits into a broader social and historical picture. *
I try to understand how history and social structures have played a role in shaping the identities of others. *
I think I can learn a great deal from engaging with communities that are different from mine. *
I have actively expanded my familiarity with communities beyond my own. *
Cultural and Community Awareness
Not at allA littleSomewhatA good dealA great deal
The local, regional, and global context of social issues. *
I think that I have a lot to learn by becoming familiar with other communities and cultures. *
I think it is very important to be involved in my community. *
Not at allA littleSomewhatA good dealA great deal
I think that I am preparing to make a positive difference in society. *
I think I have a responsibility to make a contribution to my community. *
I have taken personal action based on my moral and political convictions. *
I think about the social benefits that could result from my career choices. *
I intend to be involved in public service in the future. *
I intend to pursue a public service career. *
I feel prepared for a career in public service. *
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