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Clone of Club Recharge Evaluation


Year in school (example: 2012, 2015 or graduate student, etc)
School you are attending (example: CC, SEAS undergrad/graduate, GS, Barnard or name of graduate school)
What is your role within your organization?
How many previous years (NOT including 2011-12) of experience do you have on an SGB/IGB/ABC group executive board at CU?
Please provide honest and thoughtful feedback; your insight into what student leaders need and how we can make these events work better for you is critical for healthy organizations and successful programs on campus. Please be as thorough as you can – we really do listen and incorporate this feedback on future events! Please rate different aspects of the Club Recharge sessions that you attended by clicking on the corresponding headers below. Please only rate the workshops sessions that you attended. If you did not attend a particular workshop, just skip that area. In the comments section for each workshop, please add any additional information about your ratings (especially suggestions if you gave a low rating) or any questions or suggestions about the workshop in general.
The Program is Right
This session served its function as a welcome and starting point for the day.
The time allotted was appropriate for the amount of information covered.
The program served to frame the remainder of the day.
The text-in feature made the program interactive and engaging.
This session introduced me to who my advisor is and what s/he does.
Given my learning style, the workshop was structured in a way that allowed me to learn.
First Advisor Session
The time allotted was appropriate for the amount of information covered.
The information given in the workshop was useful in a practical sense.
This workshop set the tone and expectations for the day.
This workshop helped clarify my advisor's role and expectations of her/him.
This workshop helped clarify my role and my advisor's expectations of me.
Second Advisor Session
The time allotted was appropriate for the amount of information covered.
The information given in the workshop was useful in a practical sense.
This workshop helped debrief the case studies that we worked on throughout the day.
This session helped wrap up the day and answer any final questions.
Please rate your overall experience with Club Recharge.
The communication I received informing me about Club Recharge was adequate.
The registration process was clear and effective.
The workshops that were offered covered the necessary topics for performing my role well.
Club Recharge was a safe space where I could ask questions and contribute my opinion and experiences.
I was physically comfortable in the workshop spaces.
The format and schedule of the day were appropriate for allowing access to the information covered.
Division of Responsibilities
Did you need to divide up the day among different members of your group? If so, what was your plan to divide up the day and/or how did you coordinate this with your group members?
How did the day-long format work for you? Would different formats work better (2 evening sessions, for example)? If so, what format(s) would you propose? Why?
How could Community Development increase attendance at Club Recharge?
Case Study Overall
How did the case study process work for you? Did you like that it determined what workshops you would attend? If not, which workshops would you have chosen to attend instead?
Case Study Accuracy
Did you identify with the case study as an accurate reflection of a situation that you are likely to encounter in your programming? Why or why not? What, if anything, should we change?
Case Study Usefulness
Did the case study help you clarify what knowledge you were lacking in order to fulfill your executive role effectively?
Second Advisor Session
Did you stay for the second advisor session? If not, why and what would have made you stay longer? What can we do to ensure student leaders stay for the full duration of Club Recharge?
Necessary information
Was there anything you need to know to run your organization that was not addressed during the day? If so, what? What are you ideas on how/where to include this info? Do you think you would have gained this information if you had attended different workshop sessions?
Most helpful
What was the most helpful part of the day? Why?
Areas for improvement
Are there any parts of Club Recharge that you felt were unnecessary or redundant? Which parts and why do you feel that way? How can we improve these particular pieces?
Institutional memory
How are you going to incorporate the information you gained at Club Recharge in to your institutional memory (that is, how are you going to make sure that this important stuff is passed on from member to member from year to year)?
How can we make Club Recharge more student-led and/or incorporate your voice more in the design and facilitation of the day? Would you want to be involved in putting on Club Recharge? (No, that’s not binding [remember, this is anonymous!], it’s just to gauge if students would be interested in having a higher level of involvement in general.)
Thank you!
Your feedback is invaluable in constantly improving our trainings and events. Thank you for your time and dedication!
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