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Tufts Univ. School of Veterinary Medicine

North Grafton

AVM College Program


Have you been planning to become a veterinarian since you were little? Have you just started thinking about a career in veterinary medicine? If you are considering applying to veterinary school and fit into either scenario come spend a week exploring veterinary school at one of the finest institutions in the country and get a taste of what veterinary medicine is all about.

This unique career exploration program will provide students with the opportunity to attend lectures from Tufts faculty and veterinary students, and discuss the realities of a veterinary education with them. Students will get a first-hand look at the demands of veterinary school as they shadow a fourth year DVM candidate in the clinics as they perform their medicine and surgery rotations. The program includes lively discussions about critical issues—including ethics and public policy—with other committed students who care about animal health. Students will also have a chance to attend admission and financial aid presentations, to get an idea of what it takes to be a competitive veterinary school applicant and what the financial realities of veterinary school are.

This one week program consists of lectures which include topics such as Wildlife Medicine, Emergency Medicine, International Veterinary Medicine, just to name a few. Students will also participate in laboratories and hands-on activities with animals. One-on-one admission counseling is also included.

Students who are currently enrolled or who have recently graduated from college are eligible for all college sessions
Late December
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