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Chicago Zoological Society Brookfield Zoo


The Mission of the Chicago Zoological Society is to inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.  We live our mission through our core values.

Brookfield Zoo
Opened in 1934, Brookfield Zoo is managed by the Chicago Zoological Society and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Chicago Zoological Society is committed to developing people’s capacities and competencies, serving as a mentor and trainer, providing experiential learning opportunities to individuals seeking to understand, develop, and establish careers in the fields of zoology and conservation.

In fulfilling this role, the Society has a long-standing Internship Program that has been recognized as one of the top programs for college students in the country. The program, established in 1975, was one of the first in the nation to allow students pursuing careers in animal care the opportunity to work side by side with professional zookeepers, learning the skills and techniques necessary to manage exotic zoo animals. Since that time, the Internship Program, now called the College Experiential Learning Opportunities (C.E.L.O.) program, has evolved to include internships and research opportunities in a variety of areas and fields.

Completion of one (1) year of college, overall grade point average of 2.5 (out of 4.0, be willing to commit to a 12 week term (5 days/week, 40 hours per week), have a sincere interest in the particular field where the intern desires placement.
Early February
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Chicago Zoological Society – Brookfield Zoo
C.E.L.O. Program

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