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SMDEP: University of Virginia School of Medicine Charlottesville, Va.


The University of Virginia has 27 years of experience providing one of the nation's leading medical school prep programs. The depth and breadth of the program, and the experiences it offers, will provide students with a wealth of information and ideas that will make them more competitive candidates for medical school. The UVA SMDEP seeks to:

  • Expose students to the real world of medicine through a clinical medicine lecture series on cutting edge topics in health including: stem-cell research, telemedicine, bioethics, nanotechnology, bioterriosm, morphogenesis, regenerative medicine, and global health; the role of physicians in promoting good health, the fact and fiction surrounding addiction, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS; introduction to obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, geriatrics, dematology, emergency medicine, radiation oncology, and endocrinology; cardiovascular diseases in the underserved population; cancer-current status and future prospects; challenges and rewards of a career in medicine; medicine-vocation vs. career; and careers in biomedical research. In order to provide extensive opportunities for interaction with physicians, the students participate in a series entitled, "Where Doctor's Work," visiting clinical settings such as the autopsy department, radiology department, caradiology clinic, a senior center (one-on-one interview with patients), the primary care clinic, department of general internal medicine, and a state-of-the art Simulation Center. Mentoring by eminent physicians and dentists is also offered.

  • Provide academic enrichment involving the application of biology, chemistry, physics, and quantitative techniques to medicine, as well as enhancing students' problem-solving, writing, reading comprehension, and other communication skills. Personal counseling is provided. A career development program is directed toward exploration of the medical and dental profession and an individualized education plan that will include identification of other appropriate summer experiences. The do's and don'ts of the medical school admissions process are presented in a series of workshops. Simulated medical school interviews are conducted and students develop a personal statement. Participants attend workshops on financial planning, learning skills, test taking, time management, and stress management. There is a medical school recruitment fair during which representatives from medical schools meet the participants to describe their schools' admission critereia, programs, and support services.


  • Meals: Two (2) meals per week. Meal plan available in university hospital cafeteria (optional).

  • Travel Assistance: A total of $1,000 stipend and travel provided.

  • Stipend: Disbursed in 2 installments (weeks 1 and 5).


  • Housing: Students are housed in University of Virginia dorm suites with cooking facilities.

  • Health Insurance: Limited coverage provided.

  • Social Activities: Various social mixers (e.g., cookout, receptions, talent shows) and visits to local/regional attractions.
* be a freshman or sophomore college student * be a U.S. Citizen or hold a permanent resident visa * come from a disadvantaged background (i.e., economically disadvantaged background, racial and ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented in medicine or from parts of the country such as rural areas where residents have been historically underrepresented in medicine) * have an overall GPA of 3.00, with 2.75 in the sciences * have a combined SAT score of at least 950 or ACT score of at least 20 * submit a strong personal statement and strong letters of recommendation * demonstrate a serious interest in a medical career
6 weeks
Early March
Contact Information
Contact Person: 
Joyce Gray

Mrs. Joyce Gray, Program Manager, SMDEP
University of Virginia School of Medicine, Box 800446, HSC, Charlottesville, Virginia 22908