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Student Conduct & Community Standards


Disciplinary Records and Certifications

Disciplinary records maintained by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA, also called the “Buckley Amendment”).

Students (current and former)

Students must complete the Disciplinary Clearance Form in addition to any specific documents required by an employer or institution. The completed form(s) may be submitted to the office in person (by appointment, with proper ID), by mail, email (using a Columbia University LionMail or alumni email account), or by fax.

Investigators and Potential Employers

Request for disciplinary records may be submitted to the office in person, by mail, or by fax. Requests must be accompanied by:

  • supporting credentials for the requestor, and
  • a completed and signed statement or FERPA Release from the student authorizing this request.

All requests are typically completed within two business days upon receipt.

Request a Presentation on Academic Integrity

The Office of STudent Conduct and Community Standards is committed to promoting education and awareness to members of the Columbia community as “academic integrity is the cornerstone of our intellectual community.” (Columbia University Undergraduate Guide to Academic Integrity)

Our office offers customized, interactive presentations for University faculty, staff, and students. Presentations are typically 40 minutes long and are at no cost to members of the Columbia community.

University students, faculty, and staff members may request a presentation by completing this webform.


Columbia University has partnered with Turnitin to assist University faculty, staff, and students with online grading and plagiarism prevention. Access to this service is free. There are three access levels in Turnitin: Administrator, Instructor, and Student.

  • Administrators may: Create instructor accounts and courses and review usage statistics across courses
  • Instructors may: Create assignments, set parameters for students to upload document for plagiarism detection and monitor originality report for student submission
  • Students may: Upload document to check for plagiarism

University faculty, staff, and students may request access to this useful online tool by completing this webform.

University staff members requesting administrator access must contact CUIT via e-mail. Please note that these requests require the approval of the Dean of the school and/or Department Chair.

Student Conduct and Community Standards


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