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Judicial Affairs

Judicial Affairs and Community Standards

The Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (OJA) assists the Columbia undergraduate community with the maintenance of a safe, honest, and responsible campus environment. Students may come in contact with the OJA if it is alleged that they have engaged in behavior that is inconsistent with University, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, or School of General Studies policies and/or federal, state, or local laws. When such an allegation is made, students may be referred to the Dean’s Discipline process.

In addition to holding students accountable for their behavior through Dean’s Discipline, the OJA also serves as a resource for students who seek to develop skills and learn processes to hold peers accountable for inappropriate behavior.

The OJA works with various offices on campus to create and present programs designed to educate students about the potential impact of their actions on both their individual lives and the University community at-large.

Finally, the OJA strives to make University rules, regulations, policies, and procedures accessible and comprehensible to students. To learn more about the important policies and procedures that govern the Columbia community please visit the Community Standards section of this website.

Judicial Affairs and Community Standards


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