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Academic Integrity Awareness Week

Welcome to Academic Integrity Awareness Week 2022

Refresh your understanding of what it means to study, write, and cite with integrity while engaging with your Columbia community about why academic integrity is important.

Program information, registration links, and details on each day's events can be found below. If you have questions please email

Monday, February 14

Academic Integrity Awareness Week Kick off Event
Lerner Ramps, Table 5
12 — 2 p.m.

Writing Center Pop Up Session
With Tyler Campbell | Virtual
9 a.m. — 12 p.m.

Have a question about writing, the writing process, or citations? Join the Writing Center Consultants for answers to your writing questions.


Tuesday, February 15

Ask the Academic Resource Center (ARC): Best Practices for Studying Together
Open to all undergraduates | Virtual
12 1 p.m.

Studying together can be one of the most effective ways to learn.  It can also feel like a grey area when it comes to academic integrity.  What’s okay to work on as a group?  When is it okay to ask for help and share information, and when does it cross the line into unauthorized assistance?  Join the team from the GS Academic Resource Center for a Q&A session on best practices for studying together, with a special focus on how to stay on the right side of academic integrity expectations.


Wednesday, February 16

Learning at Columbia: Why Academic Integrity Matters
CC-SEAS Integrity Advisory Board & SCCS Student Conduct Navigators, Victoria Malaney-Brown
6 — 7 p.m.

Academic learning is one of the most important parts of a college experience. During this student panel you will hear from current students at Columbia in a facilitated, interactive discussion moderated by Dr. Victoria Malaney-Brown, Director of Academic Integrity. Students will share their perspectives, tips on connecting with campus resources, and how they actively use their commitment to uphold integrity in their learning at Columbia.


Thursday, February 17

Writing Center Pop Up Session
Kimia Heydari | Virtual
12 — 2 p.m.

Have a question about writing, the writing process, or citations? Join the Writing Center Consultants for answers to your writing questions

Citation Strategy Session
Columbia Libraries | Virtual
2 — 3 p.m.

Explore quick strategies for citing sources using familiar tools already at your fingertips. Join members of Columbia University Libraries as we learn about gathering citations from CLIO, databases, and Zotero. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how research tools can help prepare them to acknowledge the sources of ideas in their work.

Making It Hard to Cheat
Grad Student CTL Workshop | IN PERSON
2:40 — 4:10 p.m.

How can we design courses and assignments that discourage or make it difficult to cheat? Although cheating will continue to be a persistent problem, the research on cheating suggests that there are predictable conditions that can induce cheating. At this session, we’ll explore the research on cheating in higher education and use it to devise strategies to reduce cheating and even improve students’ overall performance in our courses by fostering their own intrinsic motivations to learn deeply in our classes.


Friday, February 18

Ethics & Integrity, Professional Development & Leadership (Graduate SEAS)
9 — 11 a.m.

Develop your ethical orientation to demonstrate academic and professional integrity in your future careers. This session is offered by Graduate SEAS Professional Development and Leadership (PDL) please email to register.

Grad SEAS: Dear Evan Hansen Film Screening 

In honor of Academic Integrity Awareness Week 2022, SEAS GSA invites you to view Dear Evan Hansen. Students will have all of Friday, February 18th to watch the film. Based on the Broadway production, Dear Evan Hansen follows a teen on his journey of self-discovery and ethics as he navigates the events following the loss of a classmate. More details on how you can access the film will be made available closer to the date to those who RSVP.

Maximizing Learning in the Classroom: Addressing the Contextual Factors that Induce Cheating
10 — 11 a.m.

Looking to create learning environments that support undergraduate students in upholding the values of academic integrity? Want to share and co-create a list of pre-emptive strategies with faculty across disciplines that you can use in your own courses?

In this session, we will first explore James Lang’s theory of cheating, which highlights five contextual factors prevalent in classrooms that may induce academically dishonest behaviors. We will then collaboratively develop strategies that lessen or eliminate the impact of these factors to reduce cheating in our own courses. Come share and learn new preventative strategies with other faculty to avoid classroom experiences with academic dishonesty.
Unable to join us for this workshop? Engage with CTL on-demand resource: Promoting Academic Integrity. You can also schedule a CTL consultation, or find other workshops on our CTL events calendar.


To see our past CC-SEAS Academic Integrity Awareness events held see these links from 2020 and 2021.

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