Columbia College | Columbia Engineering

Ongoing Education and Outreach

  • Annual Residntial Adviser (RA) training involves a hazing prevention module, which is also connected to bystander intervention work.
  • Club advisers are encouraged to share hazing prevention information with all club leaders for them to implement during their fall existing and new member training events:
    • Barnard FUEL
    • CC/SEAS Club Recharge
    • Columbia Club Sports training sessions
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life leadership and new member traning
  • National Hazing Prevention Week, which happens annually in September, raises awareness of the definition of hazing and moving towards healthy and positive initiations as groups welcome new members. 
  • Groups receiving Hazing Prevention information include:
    • NSOP leaders, transfer and visiting NSOP leaders
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life leaders and new members
    • Undergraduate Student Life cluband organization advisers
    • University Compliance Committee
    • Athletics coaches, staff, and athletes
    • Public Safety sargents, officers, and summit guards