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Policy Reminders

Celebrate safely and responsibly! Throughout this memorable time, keep in mind the relevant University, school-specific, and residence hall policies:

  • Alcohol may not be consumed outdoors on University property except at a registered and approved event.  
  • Columbia expects those who wish to include alcohol as part of their activities will do so responsibly and lawfully. Responsible drinking includes making sound judgments about whether, when, and how much to drink, understanding the health issues related to the consumption of alcohol, and avoiding excessive or “binge” drinking or any other abuse of alcohol that negatively affects one’s personal activities and health.
  • Larger numbers of participants increase the potential for a situation to become unsafe and to negatively impact the community. When hosting or attending gatherings in the residential community, please keep in mind:
    • Hosts are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws of New York State and Columbia University policies regarding alcohol and drugs. 
    • Residential Life and/or Public Safety staff can and will disperse gatherings deemed in violation of any policy at any time.
  • University staff may limit access to a building for safety and security purposes. This may include allowing only East Campus residents into East Campus, Hogan residents into Hogan, and so on, at any time this is deemed necessary.
  • Seniors may face Dean’s Discipline through move-out and will be held accountable for their actions. Specific sanctioning may include fines for damages and/or holds on student accounts, transcripts, or diplomas.

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