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Families & Guests

Use this checklist to coordinate with your grad-to-be and plan your celebration:

  • Talk with your student. How are they doing with their own graduating student checklist?

  • Familiarize yourself with the Class Day and University Commencement ceremonies.

  • Verify with your student the parent email addresses they have on file. If yours has changed, please fill out our online form to update it.

  • Check out available accommodations in and around New York City and make your reservations.

  • If you are an authorized payer, pay the balances on all student accounts.

    • Ask your student to ensure that no holds have been placed by checking SSOL.

Once all of that is out of the way, get ready to attend graduation...

  • Talk with your student about who will attend. While Class Day seating is general admission, your student will need to request tickets (up to 4) for you to attend University Commencement.

  • Review the GradZone page on campus accessibility in case anyone in your family needs assistance at the Ceremonies.

  • Remember, everyone will be wearing Columbia blue caps and gowns, so please discuss with your student where you will meet them following Class Day and University Commencement.

Countdown to Graduation

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