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Understanding your Columbian’s challenging and enriching academic experience can help you to be a supportive resource.

Academic Life

The academic experience at Columbia is both challenging and enriching; the curriculum will help your student to grow as both an intellectual and a human being.

Advising resources

Columbia students have access to a community of advisers invested their academic success, future prospects, and personal well-being. Establishing contact early and keeping in touch with advisers allows students to make the most of these relationships.


The Columbia College Bulletin and the Columbia Engineering Bulletin are resources regarding academics, important dates, policies, and more. You and your student are strongly encouraged to consult the bulletin for your respective school.

Global Opportunities

Students engaged in international study discover insights into other cultures, develop new perspectives, and learn to reflect on how their own culture has shaped their understanding of the world.


Columbia University Libraries and Information Services is an innovative organization that integrates research library functions with key elements of academic technology services.

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