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Religious Life

Office of the University Chaplain

The Office of the University Chaplain (OUC) works collaboratively with schools across the university to promote interfaith and intercultural awareness.

The OUC also supports students conducting research at a Columbia Global Center during academic breaks via the Kraft Global Fellows Program. Closer to home, the Columbia University Interfaith Fellows Program supports students with an interest in engaging the faith communities within their schools.

Community gatherings, such as Common Meal, Exhale, and Music at St. Paul's provide spaces and opportunities for conversation, prayer, and of course, music for students, faculty, and staff.

Religious Life Advisers

Religious Life Advisers are clergy and lay people representing different faith traditions serving the needs of our diverse religious communities. In addition to traditional religious ceremonies, services and counseling, the Religious Life Advisers' ministries offer a wide assortment of lectures, outreach projects, and discussion groups.

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