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Berick Center for Student Advising

The James H. and Christine Turk Berick Center for Student Advising (CSA) guides and supports students at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering as they navigate their educations and lives at Columbia.

CSA advisers help students recognize and pursue their passions, challenge students to set appropriate academic and life goals, and empower students to think creatively and act independently. Many students find regular conversations with CSA advisers very helpful.

Career Services

The Center for Career Education (CCE) has career counselors who can help students connect their pursuits at Columbia with fulfilling career prospects, and they are available to consult with students on major declaration, network building, interviewing skills, and the search for an internship or job.

Students should connect with the CCE early in their time at Columbia to get the best out of this robust resource.


Forming a meaningful student-professor relationship is one of the best ways to truly benefit from a college education. Students who invest their time will find their instructors happy to discuss course material, assist with research efforts, and write letters of recommendation.

If your student is unsure on how to approach faculty, s/he should consult her/his CSA adviser for pointers.

Office of Global Programs and Fellowships

We encourage your student to stop by the Office of Global Programs and Fellowships (OGP) to speak to an adviser regarding the wide variety of study abroad options available and explore the opportunities of pursuing and applying for fellowships.


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