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Theatrical Storage Facility

Policy and Procedures

The Theatrical Costume Facility is in room 510K/L on the 5th floor of Lerner Hall and there is a storage room for Props and Furniture pieces on the other side of the Fifth Floor of Lerner Hall.  The Facility serves as a shared support space for undergraduate performing arts organizations that do theatrical performances for the express purpose of the storage and sharing of costumes. Storage for items will be based on the limits of the size and proportions of the space and will be granted based on approved and scheduled performance events on campus. The Associate Director working with Performing Arts in Student Engagement is responsible for the general policy and procedures governing this facility's use. The space is intended to accommodate the burgeoning need performing arts groups have for low-cost costuming options while fostering and encouraging the communal aspect of theatre. The storage space serves as a "lending library" of theatrical costumes, props and furniture to be borrowed, shared, and recycled on an ongoing basis. Student Engagements asks that you observe the following guidelines to maintain both the integrity of the space and the communal thrust of the collection:

  • Items may be checked out by representatives of any approved and scheduled performance at no cost to the individual or organization.
  • A pre-tagging system and check-out system allow for the reservation and removal of items (see below). Please make every effort to visit the collection during the pre-scheduled hours of operation. Last-minute admittance cannot be guaranteed.
  • Due to limited space, only costumes/props/furniture which are approved by the Associate Director, working with Performing Arts groups may be added to the collection or stored in the facility after a show's completion. Any unapproved pieces left in the space will be removed at the student group's expense.
  • No item may be damaged or altered in any way without express approval of the Associate Director.
  • Any costume returned or donated to the space must be cleaned before being brought to the space.

Lending Procedures

Student performing arts organizations will enter into Borrower/Lender Agreements with Student Engagement and accept full responsibility for all pieces used in any specific production. Non-approved damage, loss or alteration of any piece can result in a replacement fee charged to the student group upon return of the items. Pre-tagging of individual pieces is allowed in advance of each production, but exclusive rights to any piece are only granted for the period of tech rehearsals and performance. (In other words, you may pre-select the pieces that you want to use, but we cannot guarantee that the pieces will not be used by other, non-conflicting productions.) Open hours of operation are established throughout the week, and will be announced at the beginning of each academic semester based on availability of the Associate Director and the supporting Student Engagement staff.

The costumes/props check-out hours are on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm and on Fridays from 9:00am to 11:00am & 1:00pm to 2:00pm (Except 10/7, 11/4, 12/2). Please set up an appointment with Kelli Shiino ( by sending an email at least a week before your visit. Failure to do so will result in delay in your appointment. *Hours are subject to change throughout the semester, make sure to plan ahead. 

Safety Guidelines

Safety guidelines for Lerner Hall apply to the Theatrical Storage Facility. The facility is subject to inspection by Student Engagement on a regular, ad hoc basis, and any safety concerns will be addressed accordingly. As an overview, the following are not allowed within the space:

  • No scenery or costumes shall be constructed, engineered, altered or painted within the facility.
  • No highly combustible or flammable items are permitted. (All fabrics stored should be flame retardant.)
  • No alterations or permanent attachments to the facility will be permitted.
  • No tape, pushpins, nails, or fasteners of any type are allowed on the floors, walls or ceiling of the facility.

Policy Disclaimer

Student Engagement and the Associate Director reserve the right to update this policy at any time. Questions may be addressed to Kelli Shiino (


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