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Meet the SEAS Peer Advisers!

Mark Greenan

School and Year: SEAS 2015
Major: Applied Physics
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Clubs/ Activities: Columbia Japan Society, Ultimate Frisbee, guitar

Favorite NYC spots: Morningside Park, St. Mark's Place

Top 3 CU traditions: 

  1. Contemporary Civilizations
  2. Midnight Scream
  3. Varsity Show

What you wish you knew as a first year student:|

  1. Definitely get involved with extracurriculars on campus. It is an opportunity for you to meet many different kinds of people and take advantage of the great diversity of thought we have here. It is also a great place to make great friends--if you are looking for social connections, there is no better way. I particularly recommend club sports, because (1) exercise generally helps the mood and improve motivation and (2) club sports tend to be very friendly and community oriented.
  2. Don't be afraid to take classes outside of your comfort zone. The best classes are often the most difficult. Certainly, do not pick a class simply because people say it is easy. If you want a rewarding and fulfilling experience, you have to take the classes that are going to change the way you think. In my experience, this does not come easily, and if you want a Columbia experience with no regrets, you must accept that it is going to be difficult.
  3. Make it a habit to explore the city. This school is Columbia University in the City of New York,  and we have a lot to gain from going out of the Columbia bubble and checking out what's out there.
    I recommend going out to the city for:
    dinner--quirky dinners from different parts of the globe
    art--MoMA, Met, Frick

Sophie Qian

School and Year: SEAS 2015
Major: Operations Research
Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Clubs/Activities: East Asian Rep for the ABC Board, Tour Guide for the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Senior Advisor for the Asian American Alliance

Favorite NYC spots: Highline, East Village, Central Park

Top 3 CU traditions:  

  1. Hanging out, soaking up the sun, and "studying" on Low Steps in the spring
  2. Bacchanal
  3. Varsity Show

What I wish I knew as a first-year student:

  1. I wish I knew how knowledgeable and helpful most of the students are at Columbia. Whether it's about a class or long-term career aspirations or personal advice, everybody here at Columbia has so much wisdom to share. Don't be shy!
  2. Join a club, meet awesome people, and make an effort to hang out with them! Extracurriculars are an awesome way to make new friends beyond your floormates.
  3. Cherish the years where your only task is to learn. Soak up all the knowledge you can and take lots of naps. Because after graduation, you likely won't have more autonomy and power over your schedule again.

Tiffany Tuedor

School and Year: SEAS 2017
Majors: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Clubs/Activities: Columbia Venom Step Team (Vice President), Columbia Faith and Action (Conferences Leader), Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers

Favorite NYC Spots: South Street Seaport, Union Square, Nuyorican Café, Terminal 5 (best concert venue ever!), Strand Bookstore

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. There is life outside of Butler! Columbia’s campus has so many beautiful secret spots to study, so take time during the week to find a little corner that’s different from your usual. 
  2. There is no linear career path. Don’t be afraid to switch around majors since you haven’t declared yet and try out different internships to see the type of work you like. Talk to upperclassmen about their experiences to see what you could do with your potential major. 
  3. Go to as many talks and panels hosted by clubs on campus. It’s a very easy way to meet people in the industry you’re interested in and also a great way to hear some inspiring stories about people who have already tasted the real world. You get tons of advice and you don’t have to fully commit to the club. 
  4. Go to office hours and build relationships with your professors and TAs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class; I bet that someone else is confused about the same thing!

Top 3 CU Traditions:

  1. Glass House Rocks: I love seeing all of Lerner transformed into an amazing event venue for all of the clubs on campus to perform and host activities. 
  2. Engineering Week: All of the engineering student come together for tons of events, free food, talks, and, of course, FREE T-SHIRTS!
  3. Bacchanal: It’s great to see everyone on campus pump up for Bacchanal and show some school spirit!

Aniekeme Umoh

School and Year: SEAS 2015
Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Abuja, Nigeria

Clubs/Activities: Global Recruitment Committee, Engineers Without Borders, Columbia Faith and Action, Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP), National Society of Black Engineers

Favorite NYC spots: SoHo is such a great place to go shopping and is definitely one of my favorite places in the city. Some of the best concerts I have been to in the city were at Irving Plaza (here). It has a nice ambiance to it. I love taking random walks through 125th street; it might be my favorite street in the city (so random).

Top 3 CU traditions:

  1. Tree Lighting Ceremony! This is one of the highlights of my fall semester. College walk looks spectacular with the lights turned on.
  2. The first day of spring… This is the first day when the weather is nice enough that everyone just goes out to low steps and lounges there or on the lawns.
  3. Midnight breakfast.

What I wish I knew as a first-year student:

  1. I wish I knew that I didn’t have to join clubs just because my friends were in it. I would have tried out other clubs earlier and would have found the ones I am currently in, and passionate about.
  2. I wish I knew how large New York City was so I would have begun to explore it earlier. I also wish someone told me it was okay to be ‘touristy’; then I might have been more inclined to go out and see more of the city.


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